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Track your book sales on amazon

If you have written a book, chances are that you are constantly looking at amazon to see its current ranking. After looking at these numbers for a while, you may roughly estimate sales, that is, when ranking drops you assume there was a sale. People with programming skills may as well create scripts that gather this information automatically, and maybe even graph it over time.

That was exactly what I started to do after finishing my book. After writing a script gathering my rankings I wondered if anybody else have already solved this problem. Luckily I found this great site, novelrank. This site has already implemented all the before mentioned features and more. It is ready for you to use it and on top of it all, this service is provided for free. You can always donate to the author if you want.

Just go to the Track Your Book section. There, you only need to copy and paste your book’s amazon URL into the form and click on the Track Book! button. As simple as that. In my case, I just put the URL of my book in amazon and it recognized everything perfectly:

Novelrank will track the rankings of your book hourly and even estimate sales for you. Remember to check your book at least once every three months so that the tracker keeps it active.  Sales estimate or amazon ranking through time can be seen in a graph or you can also download .csv files so you can work with the data yourself. You can see an example of today’s sales ranking of my book in the next image.

Many thanks to Mario Lurig who is the creator of NovelRank. Great free application!.

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  1. Mario Lurig says

    You’re welcome, and I’m glad you like it!

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